borotalco active deodorant spray met mandarijn en neroli NIEUW!



content: 150ml

Borotalco Active: an effective deodorant, perfect for those who sweat a lot
From Borotalco comes Active, the exclusive deodorant with the innovative Odor-Converter ™ technology: microcapsules that are activated with sweat and movement, releasing extra perfume on moments of greatest need, for continuous freshness, so the more you sweat, the more fragrances:

- Effectiveness tested even with physical exertion
- Slow-release perfume
- 0% alcohol. Dermatologically tested

Borotalco Active: an effective deodorant against unpleasant odors and excessive sweating
Emotions make you sweat. Challenges make you sweat. Your desire to always go one step further than is possible makes you sweat. For this, you must be able to count on an effective deodorant even on the most intense occasions, so that you can give your best effort without worry.

Designed primarily as a deodorant for athletes and for those who sweat a lot, Borotalco Active is the right choice when you want to feel fresh, dry and flawless, even in situations where you need more energy. Alcohol-free and dermatologically tested, they offer you all the typical protection of Borotalco products, but hide extra equipment!

Borotalco Active deodorants: the more you sweat, the more fragrances
Thanks to the innovative Odor-Converter ™ technology of these deodorants that reactivate, the more you sweat, the more scents: the Active are not only effective deodorants against bad odors, but exclusive formulations with microcapsules that are activated by sweat, leaving on your skin a long-lasting scent and feeling of constant freshness.

Even if the dynamics of your life, your workouts and your daily battles are accompanied by intense sweating, thanks to the Active line you can count on an effective deodorant with acid sweat that will never leave you , not even in the middle of your moments. .

NEW scent of mandarin and neroli. The explosive energy of citrus notes is combined with a woody accord with features of rare flowers for a complex and intriguing finish.

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