Borotalco invisible spray met oceaangeur 150ml



The new Invisible No Transfer is born from Borotalco, with the innovative Capture Technology™: a network of invisible molecules that captures and does not transfer halos, odors and stains, creating a barrier effect between skin and clothing. 48 hours effective against odors and halos. Anti-stain protection on clothing. Effective against white and yellow stains and on delicate garments such as silk. With the absorbing power of Microtalc, it gives an extra drying effect. 0% alcohol. Dermatologically tested variant with fresh ocean scent: an explosive sea breeze that sublimates a fresh heart of freesia, intensified by a woody and musky base. USE Shake well before use. Apply from a distance of about 15 cm. Do not apply to damaged or irritated skin and discontinue use in case of allergic symptoms. Allow to dry before putting on clothes and do not use excess product.

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