Tesori d'oriente cadeauverpakking 2-delig AYURVEDA



2-piece gift box from tesori doriente.
100 ml perfume
200ml home perfume
Bamboo sticks

This is a great gift for the true lovers of Ayurveda! Make sure you not only smell the wonderful scent of Ayurveda yourself, but also your home!

A harmony of wood and amber, illuminated by notes of sweet orange and lemon, embellished with an infusion of patchouli and cedar wood to create a long-lasting sense of well-being and harmony. Enriched with a blend of essential oils with soothing, stimulating and balancing properties. Main Sweet Orange Bergamot Lime Heart Spice Notes Ylang-Ylang Pepper Iris Violet Base Patchouli Amber Vetiver Cedarwood

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