Nuncas Fragrant Tumble Dryer Flower "Resort" Drops Air


For 20 drying cycles

Dedicated perfumer for dryer, perfume your laundry by eliminating the unpleasant smell of moisture. The shape, unique and patented, has been specially designed to gradually and uniformly release the fragrance onto the garments. Drops Air is specific to heat pump dryers as they do not exceed 100°C. Available in 3 sophisticated scents.

Used once and you can't live without it!

What's softer than a dry wash in a dryer? And the speed of having dry garments ready to wear? More and more families are choosing to buy a dryer, showing that consumers are looking for smart solutions for their home environment.

And Nuncas has always enjoyed at the side of these consumers! To guarantee you an exceptionally fragrant laundry, and above all without the smell of moisture, Nuncas has created Drops Air, the innovative dryer perfume with a unique and patented shape, specially designed to allow the passage of air from the appliance to the garments, without damaging the dryer or the fabrics. Drops Air is specific to heat pump dryers as they do not exceed 100°C. The fragrances, carefully selected by Nuncas, eliminate the unpleasant smell of moisture and wrap the garments in delicate and pleasant scents.

Remove the fragrant flower from the transparent housing and place it in the dryer basket. Select the drying cycle indicated for the type of fabric and let your garments wrap in this unforgettable fragrance

Drops air, continues to smell even when the device is turned off.

In addition, after the 20 drying cycles, give it a second life: use it as a perfumer for small environments (handbags, beauty, backpacks, small drawers ..).

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