SPUMA DI SCIAMPAGNA wasverzachter lavendel 1560ml

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A classic and unmistakable fragrance that fills wardrobes and drawers with the magical feeling of cleanliness and freshness, evoking soft emotions. The lavender "Soft Tradition" fabric softener detangles the fibers of the fabrics, leaving the laundry soft and smooth and incredibly fragrant.

Fresh and aromatic fragrance
100% recyclable bottle
100% Italian product

for use in the washing machine: for 4/5 kg of laundry, pour 60 ml of product into the fabric softener compartment; for an even more fragrant laundry, pour 60 ml + 15 ml of product. For laundry larger than or equal to 6/7 kg, add 30 ml.
For soaking: 40 ml per 10 l of water.
1 cap is equal to 75 ml.
Do not use the product on garments which are labeled as non-flammable as this may reduce non-flammability

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