Spuma di sciampagna wasverzachter marsiglia langdurige geur

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1560ml 26 washes.


Fabric softener Marsiglia with the traditional Marseille fragrance envelops the laundry in a cloud of softness and a pure fragrance, evoking soft emotions and distant memories. The fabric softener detangles the fibers of the fabrics, leaving the laundry soft and incredibly fragrant.

Traditional perfume

100% recyclable bottle

100% Italian product

Use recommendations


For use in the washing machine: for 4/5 kg of laundry, pour 60 ml of product into the fabric softener compartment; for even more fragrant laundry, pour 60 ml + 15 ml of product. For laundry larger than or equal to 6/7 kg, add 30 ml. For soaking: 40 ml on 10 l of water. 1 cap is equal to 75 ml.


Do not use the product on garments labeled as non-flammable, as this may reduce non-flammability.

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