CHANTE CLAIR antikalk met azijn

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Chanteclair Universal Descaler is effective against even the most stubborn limescale. Routine use prevents it from being stored again. The special formula with White Vinegar guarantees a surprising shine. It acts quickly with respect for the chrome. Also good against rust traces.

Note: do not mix with bleach or other detergents. Do not use on marble and natural stone, enamelled and colored bathtubs, painted wood.

Not suitable for materials such as brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, satin glass, linoleum, rubber. On white enamelled tubs, try a hidden area first, do not use the product if the surface loses its shine. Rinse well after use, no longer than 5 minutes contact. Directions for use: Spray on the surface, let it soak for a few seconds and rinse well with water. In case of stubborn limescale, let it act for a few minutes before rinsing.

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