Dr marcus aqua ossigenata 10% waterstofperoxide

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Hydrogen peroxide 💙.


From our fb page:



Standard in our first aid kit. Our youngest had a minor surgery last week. When the wound started to get a little restless, I immediately grabbed the "acqua ossigenata" and thought...I've never said anything about this on our page!


This while there is so much to say about it! Hydrogen peroxide is truly a miracle cure. For small wounds as well as in and around the house. Nonna's remedy for everything 😉 and who knows things better than our sweet nonnas? (And even though you know it, you won't be right anyway 🤫).


Anyway: with this remedy they are right, there are so many applications that I have incorporated it into different applications and images. Surely there will be more applications! Do you know a few more?


#nonnaknowsbest #wonder drug #Hydrogen peroxide #wound care #oral care #disinfect

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