Nuncas wax voor marmer. Professionele kwaliteit.

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Livax 52

Rich in precious carnauba wax.


Did you know that the use of marble dates back to the ancient Greeks, but that it was the Italian artists who made it the most widely used material for architecture in 1500?… Even today, the most valuable quarries are located located in Italy!
Glossy and glittering - practically perfect. 

When you can see yourself in marble, neatness and elegance go hand in hand. If the result you want is a floor like this, then you don't have to keep looking.


Remember that the beauty of marble also depends on our ability to protect it: marble is a fairly absorbent limestone material and can be damaged by detergents containing acids that can corrode it. Wax is essential to protect it from accidental wear and damage.


Livax 52 is the traditional wax of truly superior quality, om make marble floors shine like a mirror . The special formula, very rich in precious carnauba wax (completely vegetable) , is ideal for classic and prestigious floors, in natural or lead-polished marble, but also in granite or grit. It is a non-slip wax that with a polisher or with a soft woolen cloth can  be polished, making floors extremely shiny and they are protected against scratches, wear, dust and moisture.


How to use:

When using Livax 52 wax for the first time, it is good to clean the floor from old wax residue from other products. Then take an old bath sponge, wet it well with water and squeeze it out vigorously. Pour the pure wax into a large bowl, then submerge the sponge so that it is evenly absorbed. Squeeze gently and then use the sponge directly on the floors, only once along the surface and working in a single direction. Add more wax to the bowl if necessary. Allow the wax to dry for at least an hour, then buff by passing the buffing machine with a soft disc (or by hand with a wool cloth). Wax every 3 - 6 months and dewax every 3 - 4 years (remove old wax).


Floral perfume


Formula: Very rich in highly prized carnauba wax (completely vegetable), it is suitable for classic and prestigious floors, in natural or lead-polished marble, but also in granite or grit

How to use: (the dosages are stated on the label).


*Tips: Use it safely even on marble tables, bedside tables and dressers!

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