Tesori d'Oriente douchegel aegyptus

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Sensations that take you back to the environment of ancient Egypt; irresistibly exciting. This shower gel contains Papyrus extract with nourishing and moisturizing properties and soothes the skin, making it soft and velvety.‎


The ancient Egyptians loved beauty and devoted much time and attention to caring for their bodies. They were deep connoisseurs of cosmetics and perfumes and refined their art in the production of fragrances of the highest level. Perfumes played a role of primary importance: they were a path between humans and the gods. They were used during ceremonies and religious rituals, but also as means of seduction.

• The fragrance

Egypt, the cradle of perfumery, an authentic first journey that plunges us into a sensual bath of white flowers and rose petals, honey and a touch of precious woods. An intriguing and precious perfume born from the magical meeting of fresh and floral Agapanthus accents with warm and enchanting notes of spices and oriental woods.
Top: ylanylang bergamot fruity green notes
Heart: iris pink jasmine
Base : woody notes oriental notes powdery notes musk

• Ingredients

BLUE LILY OF THE NILE and PAPYRUS EXTRACT The papyrus milk extract is rich in mineral salts and vitamins; a real beauty elixir with nourishing and repairing properties that leave the skin soft and velvety. The Blue Lily of the Nile was considered "magical" by the Egyptians and was used for its relaxing and calming properties.

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